About Atlas

Our vision is to lay the foundation for all modern property management. Through offering a new innovative tool to the real estate industry, conditions for a time-saving and digital management process is created.

A property management system should not complicate, it should streamline!


It should be easy to manage a property.


The tool should work as a time-efficient tool.


Skip lock-in effects and get the opportunity to integrate into several different system solutions.


All data is stored in a secure cloud service to give you the ability to access important information wherever you are at any time.

More about Atlas

Atlas Fastighetssystem was founded in 2019 with the aim of providing an open and scalable platform and with a goal of turning the market's great dissatisfaction off today's property management systems. Both real estate companies and software vendors expresses great difficulties in integrating and letting real estate companies control their own data flow. Our vision is to let real estate companies decide over their own data and choose which system providers that should be integrated.

The team possesses a broad competence in property management, digitization and software development and always prioritizes the customer's demand in the first place.

The team

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