As a customer of Atlas, you get your own database where you own and control what your data will be used for. Through Atlas' open API you can freely choose which systems to integrate and we are always there to help.

Simple overview

In Atlas, you easily get an overview of how the stock is geographically located and can with the help of the platform’s filtering functions easily see data on several or specific properties. Use the Filter-feature and get reports for specific parts of the property portfolio.

Dashboard & Statistics

With the help of the platform’s dashboard, you as a user get a clear overview of the most important key figures for one or more properties and can easily request nice reports before board meetings.

The blueprint viewer

With the help of interactive blueprints, you as a user can easily connect tenants and contracts to the respective areas and thus get a clear overview of which premises / apartments are rented out, vacant, under renovation or whose contract is about to expire.


In Atlas, you can easily upload existing or create new leases, agreements or other documents and then sign using digital signing methods. With a few keystrokes, agreements are easily signed via text message or email with, for example, eID and all parties then receive a proof document.

Errand Management (Upcoming)

With Atlas' errand management module, you can easily receive maintenance requests from your tenants via either E-mail or from a form on the company's website. In addition, you can also let janitors have access to specific matters via temporary logins or via e-mail. In addition, you can also easily carry out inspections internally.

Do you already have an errand management system that you are happy with? No problem, then we integrate it!

Rental invoicing (Upcoming)

With Atlas rental invoicing module, you can easily generate automatic invoices directly from the lease-contracts. In addition, you can of course create individual invoices and create manual rental invoices. The invoices is then getting marked as payed automatically and you can easily post the payments in your existing financial system with the help of our standardintegrations.

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